Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Online Students I Have Encountered at UIS

Here are some examples of online students that I have encountered at UIS:
  • Julie C. - court reporter in Saginaw, MI
  • Erik B. - jet pilot, father of four, flies charter flights to resorts in North America
  • Leigh G. - single mother from rural New Albany, MS, working as a paralegal
  • Nick B. - high tech worker from Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Susan W. - adult student in LaSalle, Illinois, recovering from chemotherapy
  • Debbie P. - single mother, my secretary in the Univ. of Illinois system office in Urbana, using a tuition waiver to complete her BA degree
My online class this semester has 25 students - 5 are varsity athletes living on the UIS campus whose busy schedules (practice, games/meets) prevents them from taking all their classes on the campus.

Online classes and degree programs give these students the ACCESS to education that they need.

And seeing these students graduate makes all this worthwhile. Here are some photos from the May 2009 brunch that the alumni association hosts for online graduates:


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